Environmental, Health and Safety Specialists are graduates of BS in Environmental Science/Engineering/Management or equivalent and Certified for Basic Occupational Safety & Health (BOSH) or Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) and/or Basic Pollution Control. At least 2 years working experience as Health Safety Environment (HSE) Officer is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

1. Familiarity with the Philippines HHSE Regulations
2. Strong influencing and stakeholder management skills
3. Effective written and oral communication skills
4. Strong computer literacy
5. Good understanding of offshore operations HHSE Management
6. Auditing skills
7. Analytical skills
8. Project management skills

Cost of Education and Training

The tuition fee in private colleges and universities for BS in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering/BS in Civil Engineering specialization in Environmental and Energy Engineering course or equivalent ranges from P32,000-P49,000 per semester while SUCs offer courses free of tuition or minimal fees from P20,000-P25,000 per semester.

Employment Prospects
Monthly Salary Range
11,000 - 25,000


Construction, Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying, Renewable Energy

Propects for Career Advancement

Enviromental, Health and Safety Specialists may gain experience and specialize as Climate change analysts,
Ecological modelers,
Environmental analysts,
Environmental chemists,
Environmental restoration planners,
Environmental scientists,
Hazardous substances scientists,
Health environmentalists,
Industrial ecologists,
Water pollution scientists,
Water quality analysts and be promoted to project leader, program manager, or some other management or research position.