Human Resource Managers are graduates of Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology or Human Resources Development Management or related field. At least 3-5 years experience as HR supervisor is required.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

1. Knowledge of HR systems and databases
2. In-depth knowledge of labor law and HR best practices
3. Strong organizational skills
4. Excellent oral and written communication skills
5. Excellent active listening
6. Excellent presentation skills
7. Competence to build and effectively manage interpersonal relationships at all levels of the company
8. Critical thinking skills
9. People oriented and results driven
10. Attention to detail and good judgement

Cost of Education and Training

The tuition fee in private colleges and universities for BSBA in Human Resource Development ranges from 15,000 – 19,000 per semester while SUCs offer courses free of tuition or at a minimal fee from 1,500 – 3,000 per semester.

Employment Prospects
Monthly Salary Range
40,000 - 80,000


Banking and Finance
Health and Wellness
Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism
Ownership, Dwellings and Real Estate
Transportation and Logistics
Wholesale and Retail Trade
Administrative Support Services

Propects for Career Advancement

HR Managers may gain experience and trainings to specialize in a particular HR area such as Benefits, Recruitment, Performance Management, Learning and Development, Organizational Development. They may also take executive positions as HR Directors, Chief HR Officer/VP HR.